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 Ortiz, Elena, 26 / edgerunners / adria arjona
Basic Information
full name elena herrera ortiz
known alias elena; lancet
birthday march 16th
age twenty six
pronouns she/her
occupation nurse
member group edgerunners
sexuality GAAAAAAAY
relationship status single??? it's complicated
original sleeve? yes
face claim adria arjona
cyberwear type enhanced antibodies (official)
cyberwear type nanosurgeons (official)
cyberwear type targeting scope (official)
cyberwear type voice stress analyzer (official)
cyberwear type pain editor (official)
Dear Terror,
I know what hunger is and there is little I can offer you.

flashing lights.

blaring sirens.

you get up, bleary eyed and messy haired, headed to the door they've been knocking (pounding) on for some time- seconds or minutes, it's hard to tell the difference at this hour. what time is it, anyway?


oh. so you fell asleep on your books again. it's the final week of exams, you're almost done. "i'm coming, i'm coming, fuck..." brow frowning at the sight when you finally open the door.

"elena ortiz?" yes. "are you related to one officer miguel ortiz?" yes. he's my brother, why? "miss ortiz, we're very sorry. we found his sleeve." they hand you a stack- miguel? no. no, it can't be. "you can come claim the sleeve, if you'd like. here's the paperwork, in case you want to resleeve him."

and then they are gone, and you are left holding a stack, all that is left of your big brother reduced to lines of zeroes and ones. but you read the papers and realise that you can't resleeve him, can you?

"are you sure? he's smiling, ruffles your hair. "of course i am, kiddo. you'll pay me back!" neither of you is worried, his job will cover the costs of resleeving if he dies on duty.

the funds are a precaution, a safety net, a break in case of fire ordeal- officers may get to pick from the same pool as everyone else, but they do usually get to pick first. it's not like people want those protecting them to be an unfit, decrepit old bunch.

and besides, you're gonna pay him back.

(that, and in your mind, your big brother is invincible.)

you graduate the following week, but it is hollow. what's the point, if he's not there to see it?

and then you realise, as you start working, as you put in more hours than required- more than the recommended, even, that it isn't enough. it isn't enough because you need your brother now, not in ten years, not even in five.

so when they approach you, you say yes. you say yes even if you know better, even if you feel terrible because you know, deep down, that the black market cyberware ultimately takes advantage of the systemically poor, not the elite.

but they pay. they pay more for one job than you get working at the hospital all week.

it should only be another ten or so jobs to get you enough money for miguel's sleeve, maybe even less, when you get busted. you are lucky, though.

lucky because you were doing a removal, not an installation. lucky because the arresting officers knew your brother. lucky because, even though they need to make an example out of you, your sentence is light, and your sleeve still yours.

a year is still a long time, though.

elena used to be very sunshine-y until she lost her brother, she's been progressively more aggressive since. there are still people who knew her then and care about her deeply, i'm sure, but it's also kind of hard to notice. she's not necessarily unfriendly, she's just not looking to make friends either, ja feel? but hey- she still needs people!!
harold, they're lesbians.

elena is going to have a future something something going on but i am super down for past things!! just hmu.

look, she may not be the most hardened criminal in the world but she still can shoot stuff ok? she had to learn how to defend herself, the people she dealt with weren't always great. having said that, i am open to ideas because honestly i got nothing. she is kinda rough around the edges and has no time for people's shit but she isn't purposefully antagonistic either so. tell me your ideas!!!
she will 100% yell at someone to fuck off and pick up the phone very sweetly to greet her mum with "hey mama" in the softest of voices, okay? which is to say, she is very attached to her parents. her favourite person in the world is her big brother, and i will be requesting him later but consider this: black market sleeve??? pre existing bm cyberware? a somewhat broken mind from being out of a body for so long??? corpsec officer with an edgerunner little sis??? IT WILL BE GREAT HMU.
give me contacts, and former patients, and everything in between.
face claim:
<li><a href="https://synthcity.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=18">elena ortiz</a></li>

occupation claim:

corporation name - tier(aaa/aa/a)/business name - sky or ground level/cop-sec department/edgerunner group <a href="link to account">First Last</a> - role/job title

elena ortiz
25 // central

player lulu
age 25
pronouns she/her
time zone GMT -12
Permalink / Apr 19 2018, 01:51 PM
accepted thank you for choosing synth city, we're happy to welcome you! if you haven't already, join us on our discord server and don't forget to fill out your member directory post.
player maeve
age 27
pronouns she/her
time zone GMT
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