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frequently asked questions
while we do have a substantial amount of information and lore for you to draw from, it's inevitable that people will have questions and this is where you can find things that have been asked previously. feel free to pm a staff member, reach out on discord or even post here if you have something you'd like answered and then we can add it to the list for others to read too.
out of character
for the age of resleeved characters, would we put their "real" age or their apparent age?
all characters should go by their "real" age.

is there a list of allowable/ suggested augmentations somewhere?
just in case you missed it, the link to our cyberwear is here

there are spaces in my app template for cyberware - do I have to wait to have enough credits to buy them before I can fill them in?
not at all; your first five slots for cyberwear are free. you don't even have to fill them out straight away. if your character needs a little more development time before they get anything, you can wait until the time is right before adding them to your app. you could start with three and fill the last two in later, and so on. it's only when you want your sixth or more piece of cyberware for your character that you have to buy them.

for characters coming from a culture where it's usually Surname first, followed by First name, how do we register them?
we're happy to follow cultural rules! registering them surname first name would be perfectly acceptable!

Is there a rule on public masturbation on the site? And by that I mean "playing both of your characters together in a thread with other people, and your characters interact with one another"
Sometimes writing your own characters interacting is necessary - whether it's a brief cameo appearance or a full thread with another player and their character(s) thrown in too - so we won't stop you from doing so!
in character
how expensive is higher education? (compared to a re-sleeving, i guess?)
elites naturally get to go without worry, proletariat would have to set up something like a college fund for their kids but it's not out of the question - it's less expensive than re-sleeving but would still take a good chunk of savings, for example. it's most unlikely for any lower classes to get into higher education unless they were extremely lucky and perhaps got a scholarship etc

for black market cyberware, can it be removed at any time the wearer decides to get rid of it? do they have to use black market services to have it removed? or can actually certified surgeons do it but it comes with backlash and notifying the police because it's clear they're procured that via the black market?
either works, but the longer it's been in use the harder it is to remove, so it'd be better to go to legit surgeons after a few years since the body gets so adapted to them. but the black market will certainly perform the surgery, it may just be sloppily done and have some lasting effects.

regarding cyberneurosis; for something that's barely been used but is certainly there, how long since implanting it would it take to affect the wearer? or will it affect them if they don't really use it?
cyberneurosis sets in gradually, firstly. it's not going to kick in straight away and the symptoms, again, are gradual. So things like ignoring people, parents, friends, lovers - becoming quite anti-social. Eating, sleeping becoming less important etc. It all just looks like the onset of depression happening over the course of about nine months or so. Then it gets worse. The irritability kicks in, being more prone to lashing out in anger etc.
How fast it happens also depends on a couple of factors:
1) how stable is the character's mind already? someone who'd been sleeve jumping a lot would probably be affected quicker because their mind is already fractured. Whereas someone in their original sleeve or someone who's only ever used clones has a better chance of staving off the disease for a little longer, but it'll still end up getting them too.
2) how often they use the black market cyberwear. frequent use, yes, will push the effects to kick in a lot faster than someone who rarely if ever uses the implant. but, again, even those who rarely use them will still eventually feel the effects - it would just be years later down the line, I suppose

when a character goes to prison it's understood that their stack is "put on ice" for the duration of their sentence. but what happens to their sleeve?
If it was their original/birth sleeve they would get it back at the end of their sentence. However, if it wasn't their original/birth sleeve then they would forfeit the old one - it gets put back in the sleeve pool so to speak - and get a new one.

do corp-sec agents get resleeved for free when they die?
if the agent was killed while on duty? yes, they'll get a new sleeve but they're treated just like everyone else; they get what they get from whatever is available. if an agent dies when they're not working, then no, corp-sec will not pay for their new sleeve.

do corp-sec agents get backups of their stacks
there is an insidious rumour that corp-sec are happy to perpetuate about how agents are looked after should they die a real death on duty and get a backup at no extra cost to themselves. this is a lie simply aimed at drawing people in to sign up and join corp-sec. agents do not get a backup at all unless they're willing to pay for it just like anyone else.
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