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synth city canons
Welcome to our canon list! As you can see, there's no extensive blurb or suggested face claim, just a few details we'd like you to stick to and a surname. That's because—beyond their inclusion in site subplots—we'd like you to make them your own. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a staff member, and you can post a claim in this thread if you'd like to reserve a canon! reserves will last three days, the same as any other reserve on-site.
Forrest, ---
no subplot // elite // male
mayor of synth city, holds no real power but is trying to claw it back
Lowe, ---
the insurgents subplot // corp-sec // female
chief of corp-sec
(reserved: nello) Navarro, ---
corp wars subplot // elite // female
recently had one of her main rivals killed off but now guilt is eating her alive
Alexander, ---
cyberneurosis subplot // corp-sec // male
corp-sec recruit - recently had secret black market cyberware installed
Shaw, ---
cyberneurosis subplot // edgerunner // male
has been selling to corp-sec unknowingly, about to be busted
Lopez, ---
corp wars subplot // proletariat // male
works sky level, is a bit of a gossip monger, trading secrets for credits
Bowen, ---
the insurgents subplot // precariat // female
leading the entire resistance
Soto, ---
corp wars subplot // elite // any
megalomaniac and completely paranoid people are out to get them
Thorne, ---
cyberneurosis subplot // edgerunner // any
has already succumbed to the disease and wreaking havoc
Ochoa, ---
the insurgents subplot // proletariat // any
a veteran of the group, starting to rethink their cause
Montoya, ---
the insurgents subplot // corp-sec // any
an agent with a conflict of interest; their family member is in the resistance
player maeve
age 27
pronouns she/her
time zone GMT
Permalink / Apr 12 2018, 02:07 PM

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