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 The Rules
our rules
common sense
we expect all members to have a certain level of decorum during their stay on the forum, which means everyone should be civil and considerate of others. should an issue arise, however, it is recommended that the matter is handled in a private fashion. we will not tolerate rude behaviour, call-outs, or passive-aggressive behaviour. staff are readily available through various means, so please let us know about any of your concerns in this regard. this rule also applies to our site discord, too.

please ensure that triggering content is tagged where appropriate. be advised that there are two kinds of warnings and they both have different meanings.
trigger warnings [tw] are for content that might illicit a strong or potentially harmful emotional response, especially if the subject is dealt with in an explicit or graphic manner.

content warnings [cw] are for content less harmful or threatening (or more broad) than trigger warnings, usually mentioned only briefly or in passing.

out of character
when registering your account, please use your character's first and last name. don't worry about capitaliation as the board will do this for you. characters should also avoid having duplicate surnames unless they're related.

face claims may be reserved for three days only, and players are allowed one face reserve at a time. we allow actors, musicians and signed models but we will not currently be accepting internet personalities (youtubers, instagram models etc) or athletes. all faces used must be 18+ years old.

we do not subscribe to word counts as they can be rather restrictive and stressful - not to mention we believe all of our members are more than capable of writing more than one line without being told to do so.

as we do not have a word count, we expect members to be able to post at least once a week with all characters they play. these posts must be in an active thread, not a comm thread or a dev thread! activity checks will be held at the end of every month as an aid for staff's monthly housekeeping sweeps.

if you plan on making more than one character, we ask that you have two active threads (they cannot be comms threads) with each character you have at present before making the next. this is to ensure all characters are being kept active and nobody is simply face hoarding.

absence threads must be posted if you know you will be away from the site for at least one week. this is to prevent staff from accidentally archiving your characters during our housekeeping as they provide members exemptions from activity checks and activity requirements for the duration of their absence.
in character
third person past tense is the preferred posting format on synth city. we also provide various templates for your use around the site, but if you encounter a template you need and we don't have yet, please message maeve and she'll see what she can do for you.

characters may re-sleeve in-game but players must inform staff so we can update the face claim list with their new face.
it's okay to talk plots on our discord, we have a channel set up for it!, but please be sure to post them in the shipper threads too as that's what they're here for!
player captain
age 24
pronouns she/her
time zone GMT -5
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