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the insurgents
Since the creation of stacks and the ability to move a person from one body to another, there have been those opposing the technology. Up until recently, however, there has not been an organized movement against the Elites and the imbalance of wealth in society caused by cloning and re-sleeving. Now there is a new uprising, a new rebellion, dubbing themselves The Insurgents. Their goal? Bringing down the Elites, destroying their capability to jump from one body to the next, and in the process closing the massive wealth gap that currently exists between the Elite, Proletariat, and Precariat. They are willing to use any means necessary to complete their goal, even if it means using re-sleeving to their advantage. You may never know when one is among you; your boss, your best friend, even your lover, any could be a planted agent waiting, watching, and gathering information, waiting for the perfect chance to strike.
corp wars
Even when you’re Elite, even when you have all the money in the world, it can’t buy you connections. At least not all of them. Here is where the rift is between the levels of Elites. Smaller corporations are being eaten up by the larger ones, those run by heads of corporations that have the connections needed to bulldoze through life without a care for who they crush. Because these connections aren’t motivated, in the grand scheme of things, by money, Elites have become part of their own war behind the scenes so to speak. This involves backstabbing, blackmailing, and ulterior motives all disguised by fancy parties and extravagant corporate meetings. As those on the bottom struggle to get to the top, they’ll do anything to get their competition out of the way. Those at the top? Well, they just have to do their best to hold their ground and keep their secrets from getting out.
Since stable cyberware is only made available to those who can afford it, the Precariat once more has turned to the underground and black markets to get discounted and usually unstable cyberware. This, unfortunately, has begun to lead towards a pandemic issue throughout those who have the implants; Cyberneurosis. This is a mental disease in which the addition of unstable cybernetics causes an 'already unstable personality to fragment'. At first, the victim begins to relate more to machines than to humans. Soon, they start to ignore people, parents, friends, lovers. Eating, sleeping all become less important. Finally, human interactions begin to irritate, culminating in a terrifying rage that consumes the victim entirely. The pandemic is still in its early stages with only a few cases cropping up every so often, but it's getting worse and Corp-Sec have been tasked with handling the issue and those affected by any means necessary. Cyberpsychologists use combinations of virtual reality simulation, drugs, hypnotics and aversion therapy to disassemble the brain and reconstruct the damaged personalities of those still sane enough to be brought in by Corp-Sec to have their cyberware removed. Those who are too far gone? Well, they usually get a firsthand introduction to the MaxDef agents.
player maeve
age 27
pronouns she/her
time zone GMT
Permalink / Apr 12 2018, 12:30 PM

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