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the elite - #e0c923
The Elite are the ultra-wealthy who can afford to virtually live forever through the use of re-sleeving into clone bodies. Since they have extended lifespans they have had the chance to acquire wealth and power, which resulted in them owning the majority of businesses and Megacorporations. This social class is the only class of people able to live in the Sky Level of Synth City. While becoming part of the Elite is the dream and goal for many, newer families who’ve amassed their wealth find it next to impossible to break into these social circles. The Elite are “old money” and make sure everyone knows it; their families were around to see the rise of Synth City and - if they have their way - they’ll be the only ones around to see it fall.
the proletariat - #B6D369
The Proletariat are working-class people or people who perform labour for money. There are no business owners here or emerging entrepreneurs, just your average citizens earning a comfortable living. The ability to afford re-sleeving varies; some can’t afford it and others could manage to scrape together the funds but not without having to skip a meal or two now and again. The lucky few and those in favour with the Elite can also find themselves working and running the businesses in the Sky Level. Though working on that Level is often bittersweet, seeing as they’ll never be allowed to live there themselves.
the precariat - #60D394
The Precariat is a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare. These are the unfortunate souls who were born on the Ground Level and will inevitably die on there; they can often barely afford the cost of living so the cost of re-sleeving is out of the question for the vast majority. Those who want to take a risk for the sake of prolonged life sometimes find themselves turning to the black market. Here they sell themselves to Edgerunners for a new sleeve, but the price is usually impossibly high; a lifetime of debt they can only pay off by working for the Edgerunners themselves.
the edgerunners - #D684FF
The criminals of Synth City. This unlawful lot is responsible for anything from black market cybernetics and memory theft to stealing credits and attempting to hold Megacorporations to ransom. If it breaks the law, Edgerunners have a hand in it. Most of these individuals come from the Precariat social class, but sometimes on occasion the Proletariat class. With the underground evolving rapidly to avoid detection and apprehension from Corp-Sec, it should come as no surprise that Edgerunners have stolen the means to operate their own re-sleeving facilities. They come with their own risks - such as not knowing the origin of the sleeves themselves, but perhaps it’s best not to know? - and the price can be steep for those willing to turn a blind eye. Rumour has it that the Rebellion are frequent customers too.
corp-sec - #FB4D3D
Megacorporations have become so powerful they’ve overtaken the government in terms of power and Corp-Sec (Corporate-Security) is the new global ‘law enforcement’. There are varying types of Corp-Sec agents; such as the local PSS agents (Public Surveillance Squad), Handlers (agents paired up with an Edgerunner whose primary task is to find and stop the Rebels) and MaxDef agents (agents who are authorized to use maximum defense techniques in order to apprehend Edgerunners and who may also carry out on the spot executions of Edgerunners or cybernetically enhanced persons without the need to take them to trial first)
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